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Strength And Weaknesses HRM In DBS Bank - Click For Solution

Question: Examine about the Strength and Weaknesses HRM in DBS Bank. Answer: Presentation DBS Bank is the biggest bank of the South East Asia by resources. The bank works in excess of 17 markets (Huat, 2014). The bank has around 250 branches and more than 1100 ATMs in around 50 urban areas of the nation (Muraleedharan, 2014). It is a worldwide organization and have branches in Dubai, china, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, United States and even in United Kingdom. The Human Resource Management branch of the bank chiefly accepts that an association is supposed to be fruitful by thinking about specific things. These things incorporate the individual who is working must be enthusiastic and skilled, the pioneer ought to be such gifted that they can verbalize the hierarchical vision, can accomplish the authoritative comprehension and offer a help for the specific business activities, the pioneer ought to likewise follow exercises that empowers the lesser staff whom they lead (Singh et al., 2012). In thi s task, the center is to investigate the mindful human asset the executives rehearses and the social obligations of the DBS bank, Singapore. The qualities and shortcomings would likewise be examined. Conversation The bank follows an essential arrangement the staffs, which are enrolled ought to have the option to convey their best nature of work 24X7, which would be reflected in the hierarchical presentation towards their clients. Keeping this on mind, the organization has joined approaches, ways of thinking and systems for giving uncommon consideration in the executives procedure of representatives that are the most significant asset and partner for the association (Sia, Soh Weill, 2016). Notwithstanding the focal point of the human asset, the bank has critical commitment towards the general public. The administration structure followed by the association incorporates client engaged and successful administrations, which depend on the essential assets and abilities, for guaranteeing that the authoritative targets are being met (, 2016). The human asset the executives board of trustees of DBS bank has actualized guidelines, strategies, procedures, and guidelines for checking and improving the exhibition of every area of the bank. The bank impacts intra-organization move, as per the representatives accommodation. Inside various spaces, whereupon the HRM division of DBS is engaged, including Ethical issues of Recruitment and advancement, work rehearses, social obligation, Privacy Issues, Responsibility of HRM and Responsible Compensation; the capable HRM and social duty of DBS would be examined in the following area (Manzoor, 2012). Mindful HRM of DBS bank The bank is the main money related help bunch in Singapore and has the most grounded FICO assessments of AA and Aa1 all through the Asia-pacific district. The association incorporates corporate, retail and institutional clients all through the Asian nations including India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong. In this manner, the DBS administrator uncovered that to continue their quality through these nations, DBS has centered upon the improvement of reasonable upper hand by fortifying DBS hierarchical culture, through the consolidation of more client driven methodologies and compelling human asset the executives practice (Chong Chan, 2014). The bank included strong execution the board framework, including rewards, which encourages the workers to separate their ability and play out their best, fulfilling their clients. DBS has confidence in two different ways correspondence inside the administration and the workers, which is the best approach to increase upper hands. The two-way correspondence causes the representatives to feel esteemed and be supported; it encourages the association to make a workforce, concentrated on the client driven practices. In DBSs Wealth recommendation plan, the association has followed Bank Smart methodology; this system included around 5000 worker hours of preparing concentrated on the relationship chiefs, who are the pivotal assets for serving the high Net worth people in Singapore (Goyal Joshi, 2012). The bank has accomplished the upper hand in the business through the successful and potential work power, which has been accomplished by presenting senior authority group directly set up, pulli ng in the best ability all through the world, concentrating on compelling staff preparing and consolidating the riches creation with arrangement based riches the board. To exhibit the capable HRM in DBS bank, three HRM techniques of DBS bank ought to be talked about and examined. Best practice for initiative advancement at DBS Tom Pederson, the head of Talent Management and learning and advancement, has received the authority improvement procedure and theory at DBS, thus, the bank was remunerated with the Best initiative improvement grant in the year 2012. The initiative improvement program and preparing programs are created by mapping out the administration progression plan with a dream for next 3 to 5 years (Marler, 2012). Endless supply of the authority improvement program brought about the advancement of Management panel individuals inside the association. The DBS initiative improvement incorporated a few prescribed procedures. One of this is the turn of events and supportable development of Asian pioneers in Singapore and sending out them in the other Asian nations with a main job. Muraleedharan, (2014) asserted that the authority program of DBS bank is the best instructor of bank representatives, for showing them the methods of overseeing DBS workforce. Also, during the advancement of ability pool of possible pioneers in DBS, the program centered after characterizing the job of supervisors in the bank explicitly. The initiative improvement program has centered upon the supportable authority and the board. The association is following the focal base of Grounded hypothesis, for creating likely pioneers in DBS bank. Ability sourcing at DBS DBSs the executives sources both neighborhood and outside ability, which has made the bank, the biggest and best HRM victor all through the world. In any case, the little pool of workers isn't adequate for DBS to fulfill the hierarchical ability request, which impact the association to import ostracize ability. 16 top administration officials are exiles in DBS bank. Sourcing and moving ability from abroad assistance in accomplishing certain vital bearings in DBS bank . Resourcing staffs from abroad assistance to increase propelled specialized abilities from the other money related market, to meet the ability lack in Singapore alongside the provincial development calls for territorial expertise. In this manner, the bank built up a vital field-tested strategy, which will draw in worldwide ability base. For drawing in the ostracize ability from abroad, the association costs gigantic sum for brand nearness and offers critical vocation advancement (Sia, Soh Weill, 2016). Preparing society at DBS The CEO of the association, Piyush Gupta, gave a huge exertion on the preparation advancement. The association has built up a getting the hang of, preparing and advancement system, as a piece of hierarchical HRM methodology. Preparing in cutting edge areas is privotal prerequisite for the bank, as the association has an entered in a noteworthy development stage with a universal nearness. Three spaces secured by the preparation programs at DBS, which are item and specialized information, authority and social aptitudes and individual greatness (Van De Voorde et al., 2012). Social Responsibility of DBS bank The association has demonstrated critical exertion in achieving their job as a social association. DBS effectively adds to the financial and social advancement of the networks. The CSR exercises attempted by the bank included the dedication of human asset and monetary help to the general public, which helped in improving the brand picture of the bank in universal network. DBS propelled a SDG 50 million in February 2014 in the simultaneousness with Singapores 50th year as a country. The CSR endeavors of the bank have been fortified by the DBS establishment, for tending to the advancement of social needs in various areas (Singavarapu Singh, 2016). DBS has contributed in a few network improvement activities, over years. The association has huge commitment in supporting the instructive needs of the Asian youngsters. The DBS bank additionally gave huge commitment in aid ventures during any emergencies or catastrophic event all through the locale. It has been uncovered that, the authoritative perspective on tending to the various social difficulties connected with the quickly developing Asia is to support social ventures and making the association as self-continuing business, for example picking up the capacity to innovatively manage the social needs (Singh et al., 2012). Another CSR action of the association is the individuals of direction, which is a staff volunteer development in the bank, for connecting with representatives, breathing life into the hierarchical qualities and improving the benefits of staffs specialty aptitudes and time the executives (Finances, 2015). The objective of this development is to make huge commitments to the general public, where the bank works. DBS declared its promise to breath life into Marina Bay, by presenting a large number of exercises, which would draw in individuals to the sound. The association built up certain projects in this specific circumstance, these incorporate DBS cruising at Bay, DBS live your fantasy, DBS Marina Regatta and POSB Passion Run for Kids. It has been uncovered that the DBS activities have pulled in roughly 100,000 individuals to the narrows, advancing social exercises (, 2016). Quality and shortcomings of DBS bank in regards to capable HRM Qualities: Nearness of senior initiative group in its human asset division. Through appropriate promotion and exact expected set of responsibilities HRM branch of DBS bank can assault best abilities universally. Traini

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M.L.K and Malcolm X Compare/Contrast

The two most powerful social liberties activists in American history were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. what's more, Malcolm X. They bolstered equivalent rights for each race, however when looking at MLK’s â€Å"I Have a Dream’ and Malcolm X’s â€Å"The Ballot or the Bullet,† one sees the similitudes in their expository styles and contrasts in their tone and message. As observed in â€Å"I Have a Dream,† MLK has an increasingly edified and quiet answer for the nation’s issues; while in X’s he has a will to do whatever it might take to tackle the issues. Martin Luther King Jr. nd Malcolm X utilize the equivalent explanatory systems to improve their message in their addresses. One gadget or procedure is reiteration. In King’s discourse he rehashed the expression â€Å"I have a dream’ so as to stress to his crowd the significance on their motivation and to invigorate the people’s pride advancing social equality. Lord n eeded everybody to see America’s genuine potential and magnificence and how America could be. Malcolm X likewise showed the utilization of reiteration when he rehashes â€Å"I’m not here. † He delineates to his crowd that he isn't there to discuss himself, however of the more prominent reason, at the end of the day, the battle for social equality. In spite of the fact that both may have utilized similar gadgets and supported a similar objective, both had inverse answers for the nation’s issue. Another common quality in their works is the utilization of absolute opposite. In Dr. King’s â€Å"I Have a Dream†, he states â€Å"Now is an ideal opportunity to lift our country from the sand traps of racial treachery to the strong stone of fellowship. † He delineates that the country should end all separation and meet up as one and become a unit of each other blending. X additionally had extraordinary utilization of this gadget to intensify sympathy for his motivation. A phenomenal model is the expression and title, â€Å"The voting form or the shot. † He like King needed to end all the racial hindrances that the country had, yet as opposed to empowering the demonstration of peacefulness he told the â€Å"negro† network that they either take â€Å"the ballot† implying that they wouldn’t do anything or â€Å"the bullet† that represents and incites the need to make a move into their own hands and battle. Both King and X utilized similar strategies to spellbind their crowds towards their view, however imparted various messages. Ruler and X utilized non-literal language in their techniques for convincing their crowd. In King’s â€Å"I Have a Dream† discourse he passes on the utilization of analogies in the expression, â€Å"We won't be fulfilled until equity moves down like waters and nobility like a compelling stream,† so as to represent the requirement for equity until all are equivalent. He focuses on the need of segregation to end and for equity to let all nondiscriminatory in the public arena. He utilized the cynicism of shamefulness and transformed it into a positive of equity being perpetual water that thunders through a compelling stream that will always be streaming. X additionally utilized analogies to depict that all â€Å"negroes† are in a comparable situation and all will get a similar treatment from the white man in the expression, â€Å"†¦you’re going to get damnation simply as am I. † He accentuates that all â€Å"negroes† whether instructed or ignorant or affluent or poor will pick up a similar aftereffect of the hellfire that is being brought upon the by a similar man who happens to be white. Both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X felt the absence of acknowledgment and the bad form being brought upon them by the white man in their utilization of metaphors. In spite of the fact that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X may have utilized the equivalent expository gadgets to convince a similar general crowd, both communicated altogether various messages, with totally various tones, on what ought to be done on their issues. Ruler focused on a progressively conservative methodology in his discourse with the utilization of such words as dream, glad, most prominent, and opportunity. His message was to frustrate bigotry with however much honorability as could reasonably be expected, so when seen upon you’d be the light in the darkest of rooms. He needed individuals to not abandon their fantasies and not lose their poise of mankind despite the fact that they were attempting to abrogate such bad behavior that was uncaring. Then again, Malcolm X couldn’t have had an all the more differentiating message and tone in his â€Å"the Ballot or the Bullet† discourse. He picked words like heck, endured, corrupting, unfairness and bogus vows to impart the retaliation in the brains of his crowd and for them to laud the will to battle for opportunity. He needed to make all out bedlam and shock in the spirits and brain of his audience members to guarantee the speediest route workable for them to hear the center of his thought processes. He had no aims in accepting that bigotry would die down or that any of the white men would see the blunder in their manners and ask for their pardoning and to live in complete congruity. He imagined that the main path for the dark network to truly get what they merit is to utilize the slug and battle. Lord had an answer for end the across the country issue with an increasingly latent and socialized arrangement, the drew out the decency in mankind on the grounds that â€Å"an tit for tat will make the world blind†; though X needed the utilization of powers on the foe regardless of what amount harmed caused with the goal for them to give equivalent rights to all. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X unquestionably had a similar aspiration to end isolation and separation, yet the inquiry with regards to whose message was increasingly compelling and which was a correct method to address the reason is as yet sketchy. Ruler tried to spread pacifism and resistance the ethical right that you ought to in every case live by; though Malcolm X looked for the need of ruinous tendency in a profoundly irksome circumstance. One must glance at the result and the current social liberties circumstances to discover a response to that question to see that without the two sorts of contentions there would be no parity. For each light there is a cast of shadows that tail it.

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The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East

Fear based oppression is definitely not another word to a considerable lot of us. This word has such a significant number of definitions however as indicated by the legislature of the United States, it alludes to dangers of the individuals, control of the state strategy forcibly or dread, or attempting to change the administration by either grabbing or death. This demonstration is hazardous for it can take as long as five years while arranging lastly making a debacle the influenced. (Kenny, 2009)Advertising We will compose a custom article test on The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More To begin with, the Kurdish clash isn't an exclusion yet is among the most celebrated clashes in the Middle East, which includes numerous states and non-state contenders. It is accepted that about 30 million Kurdish individuals live in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. This clan has its own particular manner of living and language, yet has no its own state. It is said that a large portion of the Kurds are Sunni Islam’s despite the fact that they hold near different religions including Christianity and Judaism. It is additionally said that the Kurds lived autonomously both broadly and ethnically in Kurdistan their chronicled country. (The Odyssey, 2000) The Kurds are believed to be undeserving of their own state since they are unskilled. This can't cause them to go far since the absence of education level will make them not see far throughout everyday life. Also, propelled newborn child mortality is another explanation that shows moderate development prompting hardly any individuals those can't remain by their own. The manner in which they are barely populated can't make them own a country since where there is shortage there is no solidarity and without solidarity, it is difficult to make something solid. (Berkey, 2009) On its part, the AlQaeda was gazed by Osama canister Laden in 1988 to join the worldwide system he sorte d out during the Afghan war. His primary point was to propel the Islamic unrests during the Muslim world and opposing weird connections in the Middle East. Canister loaded came to pass for in the fight next to the Soviet Union’s intrusion and occupation from 1979 to 1988 winding up with a destruction under the management of the worldwide local armies of Muslim troop supported by the U.S., Pakistan and Arabia. By the assistance of Abdullah Azzam the pioneer of Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, Bin loaded had various perspectives on the most proficient method to work with the system they had perceived. It is during this time when he chose to discover AlQaeda dependent on close to home affiliations shaped during the battle in Afghanistan likewise on his own global system, status and admission to a major entirety of cash. In this procedure, Azzam was killed and after the war finished, the Afghan-Arabs who were the coordinators of the war were known and they couldn't return home bec ause of the condition of the nation .Advertising Looking for article on political theories? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This profited AlQaeda’s worldwide reach lastly helped with refining the second and third era of AlQaeda fear mongers. Canister loaded had some key issues, which most likely caused him to have all the information he utilized in his activities. His family had riches that gave him admission to the tip top Al Thagher model school were he learned Islamic which thus transformed him to become what he is today. In the mid 80,s, he worked with the mujahideen in Afghanistan, which at long last showed him how to battle. (Zalman, n.d.) The AlQaeda had completed numerous assaults, which cost the two lives and properties commendable numerous dollars. In 1993, the Al Qaeda was accounted for to have destroyed U.S helicopter slaughtering U.S peacekeeper in Somalia while they were watching to reestablish trust. In 1 998, the Al Qaeda assaulted the Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar-Es-Salam, Tanzania by shelling the U.S Embassies, which left in excess of 300 individuals dead, and in any event 5000 individuals harmed. After two years on 12 Oct 2000 the Al Qaeda was additionally answered to have assaulted the USS Cole in Yemen slaughtering around 17 U.S. Naval force and in excess of 39 harmed. All these among others are a portion of the assaults that the Al Qaeda made. (Cronin, n.d.) In request to battle this dread towards Americans, I have been considering manners by which they could win the battle. To start with, they ought to be sorted out and preventive. By doing this, they will have tight security that will empower them disentangle any arrangement the fear based oppression will be choosing to do and by so doing to forestall the harm that would have been caused. What's more, they ought to be insightful. By doing this the psychological oppression will never get access because of the dread of FBI coordina tion, which will prompt the infiltration of the assailants. They ought to likewise rethink law implementation. This will give the aggressors dread of confronting retaliations under that firm law. Subsidizing the psychological oppressors ought to likewise be halted. Anyone got subsidizing the fear based oppressors ought to be managed as needs be. This will help a great deal in diminishing the psychological warfare. Harsh outskirt security ought to be clung to if the fringes will be monitored appropriately this will diminish the psychological oppression. This decrease will result since there would be no blending which realizes peer pressure, which can bring about doing the mischief. This among others ought to be done so as to battle the psychological warfare on the planet (Hamilton, 2002) Conclusion Terrorism has been an extraordinary debacle to the world since it has caused such a great amount of mischief to the influenced. It is because of this that numerous nations are living under dread of the psychological militants. Besides, the Kurdish clash isn't an exception yet is among the most well known clashes in the Middle East, which includes numerous states and non-state competitors.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is a country, which can't remain by it self because of certain disappointments. At long last, the AlQaeda and Osama canister Laden have assumed an incredible job in crushing and pulling back the economy of numerous nations by the assaults they have been doing. We should all lecture harmony so as to prevent this from occurring. References Berkey, J. (2009). Forestalling strife over Kurdistan. Web. Cronin, A. Psychological militant Attack by Al Qaeda. Web. Hamilton, L. (2002). Battling Terrorism and Protecting Our Homeland. Web. Kenny, J. (2009). What is Terrorism? Web. The Odyssey. (2000). Express your genuine thoughts the Kurdish Confl ict. Web. Zalman, A. Profile: Osama container Laden. Web.Advertising Searching for paper on political theories? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More This paper on The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East was composed and put together by client Sophie Frye to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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Common Graduate Interview Questions

Common Graduate Interview Questions Whilst you are writing your dissertation, you might also be applying for graduate jobs at the same time. We have put together some interview questions below to help you with those first interviews and to ensure that you’re prepared and can secure a role. Over time we will be adding in the best responses to these interview questions and giving even more tips and guidance, so please feel free to bookmark this page for yourself and check back regularly. CV based questions Which university do you attend? Why did you choose the university you are attending? Which course are you studying? What is your favourite subject? What is the title of your dissertation? Do you prefer to work in groups or alone? Details about the work that you have done to date Details about your extra-curriculum activities Questions about your interests What have you done during time gaps in your CV? Promotional questions Why do you want to work for this organisation? Inspiring confidence. What characteristics do you possess that would make you a good manager or a leader? Provide a list of your interests and give examples of your achievements. Tell us why we would want to give you a role in our company What makes you different from the other candidates? What makes a good leader? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your weaknesses? Give an examples when you had to work with other people to solve a problem What is your most impressive achievement to date and why? What demotivates you at work? What are you most proud of? Why should we hire you? How do you deal with conflict? How do you manage your time and tasks? What do you think will make you successful in your career? Questions about the company Considering the nature of our business, what do you think is the most valuable type of business information we need as an organisation? Highlight for me the strategy of the company and what we have achieved to date What do you think will happen to general market conditions in the next 18 months? Who do you think are our main competitors? How do you think our company is different? What made you apply to this company? Do you think our company is ethical and why? How is our company helping the environment? Competency questions Describe a marketing campaign you would put together to attract graduates to this job? Describe how your previous work experience supports your current application? Describe a time when you were part of a work group, what did you do to ensure that the group share common goal? Describe, with reasons, why you want to work at our organisation? Describe a position of responsibility that you have held, or any personal achievement, that will support your application Describe a situation when you failed Describe a time when despite the failings of others, you delivered as a group. What exactly was your role in this? Describe a time when you felt you lacked the experience to deal with the task, project or situation. Why did you take this on? How did you feel? How did you handle the situation? Technical questions What does â€Å"mutual† mean? What professional qualifications are you aiming to get while working? You are presented with a pack of data and are required to put together a management presentation with your recommendations. Tricky questions How many people can you fit inside the M25? What is the cubic volume of the earth? How would you go about building a short wave radio? How many funeral directors are there in the UK? What is the best invention in human history and why? If you could go back in time, where would you go and why? Key Tips Be time specific (e.g. in January, in October 2017) Focus on what you did (e.g. my role†¦) Describe what happened, not what might have happened Be confident Stay positive Don’t say anything negative about your current boss, company or university Remain enthusiastic (but don’t go too far with this) Be honest Think before you talk Stay Calm Do not name drop Don’t be late

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The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden Essay - 970 Words

The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden The poem that I am going to talk about is the Unknown Citizen by W.H Auden. I am going to talk about what I first glimpse in the poem but then after further study what you actually see. At the start of the poem under the title it has a serial number, also it shows that he is getting a monument erected in honour of him. This already gives you an expectation of him. An expectation that he has done something great in his life. When you look at the serial code at†¦show more content†¦We learn that the Unknown Citizen has never been fired and that he was satisfactory, at first I thought that this was ok, but after further analysis I seen that the fact he got fired was a negative, the way that it is wrote out, instead of him staying at the same company the author says he never got fired, It also talks about how he was satisfactory. This man is getting a monument to him in his honour for being satisfactory? Yet again there is another report on him, this time from his Union. At first it when it talks about Our report shows it was sound I thought nothing of it, but further readings of it talks about the Union being sound, generally Unions are opposed to the Government, it looks as if this Union is sanctioned by the Government. Yet again there is report about him, but this time it is from the Social Psychologist, they delve into every facet of your life, from your professional life to your home life. They social psychologist does not report on you, he/she spies on you, on what you do, wear, act and think. The Unknown Citizen is a regular guy, he is popular with his mates, he likes a drink he is a normal guy. So if they had a report on the regular average guy, then they would have a report on everyone, I realised this after 2 or 3 reads of the poem. TheShow MoreRelated The Unknown CItizen by W.H. Auden Essay731 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"The Unknown Citizen†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H. Auden, is a commentary on government and the materialism of modern man. The poem is written in the form of an obituary inscribed on a monument built by the government in commemoration of an average, upstanding, and decent community member. Throughout the passage, the speaker lists facts about the citizen’s life which he believes prove that the deceased was a valuable person. In actuality these facts represent nothing more than the sociallyRead More The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden Essay815 Words   |  4 PagesThe Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden The Poem â€Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H. Auden is a satire. Its narrator is the state. In this, the state pays tribute and describes a successful and positive product of its efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, it builds the character later described to the reader as â€Å"the perfect citizen.† The narrator speaks as if he is delivering a speech or common tribute using words and phrases that are familiar to the reader. Using such imagery Read More Analysis of The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden Essay examples1464 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden â€Å"The Unknown Citizen†, written by W.H. Auden during 1940, is a poem where the speaker, a representative of the state or government, directs a speech to the audience about a monument being erected for a citizen. Written in free verse, although using many couplets, this poem is a poem that describes the life of a certain person through his records and documents. This citizen is portrayed as a normal and average human being who is being honouredRead MoreUnknown Citizen1356 Words   |  6 PagesThemes of W.H. Audens The Unknown Citizen Conformity and Anonymity in the Modern World Social Security Number? Birth date? Nine digit telephone number starting with area code? Mothers Maiden Name? In many ways, we are simply faceless numbers to modern society, not individuals with feelings and emotions and dreams. W.H. Auden, a well-known English poet and dramatist, discusses this important theme in his poem An Unknown Soldier. Auden, being a modernist, is concerned with this modern ideaRead MoreThe Unknown Citizen by W.H.Auden1320 Words   |  5 PagesThe poem â€Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H. Auden is a poem with a strong message to a wide audience. It portrays a political system’s control over its citizen. The poem is telling us we are a product of our countries, we are nothing but a number of digits to be identified. The poem revolves around the life of the unknown citizen, JS/07/M/378, who was granted a monument by the government in honor of his flawless life in an un-free society. He is by all means the perfect citizen, the citizen who has devotedRead MoreIronic Symbolism in the the Flea and Unkknown Citizen2414 Words   |  10 PagesSymboli sm is used to define the conflicts within â€Å"The Flea† by John Donne and â€Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H Auden by having a significant object, which is a flea and a monument, which represent a conflict that is portrayed throughout the poem. The flea represents three different arguments that are introduced in each stanza based on sex and the morals behind it. The monument in the â€Å"Unknown Citizen†, symbolizes the model citizen only based on statistics and not the true identity of the human such as theirRead MoreThe World Is Too Much With Us And The Unknown Citizen2049 Words   |  9 PagesSocial Irresponsibility: â€Å"The World Is Too Much With Us / The Unknown Citizen† This is a critical analysis of two poems – The world is too much with us by William Wordsworth, and The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden focusing on how the two poems highlight the mundane drudgery of life. It is a drudgery, and one that people do not even recognize because they are consumed in leading materialistic ways of life, conforming to the state and the society or both. The text proceeds from analyzing each poemRead More The Unknown Citizen vs. Departmental Essay example880 Words   |  4 Pages The Central purpose of The Unknown Citizen, by W.H. Auden and Departmental, by Robert Frost is very similar. Both authors discuss modern society and how individuals’ lives are nothing when looking at the big picture of society. They would like people to understand what society has become. They both use a great deal of satire to convey their central purpose. They satirize the trends in modern life, and how society looks at different people. The authors are upset that society has forced people toRead MoreCollectivism Vs. Individualism : The Unknown Citizen And Jonathan Swift s A Modest Proposal1783 Words   |  8 Pagesdefining these two terms: politically, with emphasis on the role a person takes in society, or philosophically- what makes a person think collectively or individually. Even though one might say that both theories are important, both W.H . Auden s The Unknown Citizen and Jonathan Swift s A Modest Proposal reflect criticisms of collectivism and promotes individualism. There are two main types of collectivism: â€Å"horizontal collectivism† and â€Å"vertical collectivism†. Collectivism has been characterizedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Unknown Citizen 1518 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H Auden and â€Å"next to of course god america i† by e.e. cumming are two poems that deal with similar issues. They both address the issue of dying soldiers and blame blind patriotism for the deaths of these soldiers. The theme of both poems deals with the need for citizens to become more outspoken and follow their own beliefs instead of simply following their country. However, each poem addresses a topic that isn’t found in the other poem, and the poems themselves are structurally

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The Teenage Brain on Technology, Analysis of Article by...

Alterations in the Brain Enters the Technological World Around the world, the internet is a resource where individuals can meet new people, do research, or access entertainment. Although technology can do many different tasks, it also can alter child development. The effects of child development have become a main concern regarding the internet. In their separate articles, Genevieve Johnson and Nicholas Carr discuss how the technological world is becoming hazardous for the brains of adolescence. The articles mainly focuses on how a person can resort to their brain changing as they continue to use the Net and the effected social behaviors on child development. In The Shallows, Nicholas Carr uses chapter seven to discuss the studies of how individuals alter their brain when they use the internet for lengths of time. Gary Small, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA states â€Å"the daily use of computers, smartphones, search engines, and other such tools ‘stimulates brain alteration and neurotransmitter release, gradually strengthening new neural pathways in our brains while weakening old ones’† (Carr 120). In other words, when individuals surf the web they are experiencing a new brain activity than the activity they were doing before. While in Johnson’s article, she discusses how the internet helps children’s cognitive skills by learning how to use the internet. Johnson and Johnson explained how â€Å"children who used the Internet at home for learning and communicating demonstrated

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Aboriginal Culture Linguistic and Cultural Practices

Question: Discuss about theAboriginal Culturefor Linguistic and Cultural Practices. Answer: Part 1 Indigenous peoples are also known as aboriginal people of Australia (O'Dell 2016). For providing strength and flexibility there are number of linguistic and cultural practices performed by aboriginals, which are given as follows: One of the language practices carried out by the indigenous people is a mixed language used. Next is the use of western concepts in the interpersonal communication in the form of free market, which is used among rational agents, autonomous. Use of structural is mixing in the linguistic of the aboriginal peoples. The aborigine performs Bora. According to which young boy who is called as kippas is transformed into men. Smoking Ceremony is carried out on special and festive occasions. This ceremony is a cleansing ceremony. Regarding safety force families and children will serve as strength in the Aboriginal Culture. To gain aboriginal limitation and right place in the Australian society, Aboriginal families need to engage in the traditional cultural practices. Aboriginal Culture involves some practices which are centered by ceremonies but on the belief of Dreamtime. Admiration of land and oral tradition are emphasized by the Aboriginal culture. There are numerous reasons for loss of the language as well as practices. In some of the cases, some children were barred from speaking mother tongue at school or missionaries (Shipp 2013). Aboriginal language is concentrating on simple word and items of the novel like animals and weapons. Indigenous peoples were not linked with the changes taking place around the world. Aborigines, generally have complex social and marriage law, which is because of the grouping of people under the society. The laws related to kinship are even complicated because everyone is linked with one another. Aborigines were banning to speak their mother language (Aboriginal Culture 2016). In the late 1970s, children were forced to remove from their families due to different government policies. Assimilation is the ideology termed as the forcibly removing the children from the original families. Due to this assimilation, children had received a low level of education, and they were working as a manual labor an d domestic servants (Cole 2016). Among that, few of the children were conveyed that their parents had died. Part 2 According to Slater (2010), the accepted approaches of the government, this has improved the wellbeing and health of the indigenous in Australia. As per the study, the indigenous worldviews and social structures had aimed in socioeconomic equality, which ignored the colonial history, socio-cultural distinctiveness, and diversity in the indigenous situation. Affairs of the native will be looking solution of the mainstream which will deeply establish the issues of non-mainstream. After doing that, an assumption is made related to the wellbeing of Indigenous, criteria of good life shared with the Australian mainstream. The concept of the Close Gap Campaign answers the assumptions of the study clearly. In this article, there has been an investigation of the contemporary performance among the Indigenous done with the help of two indigenous lenses of cultural festivals which are cultural festival and Lara Dance of Cape York and from Southeast Queensland the dreaming festival. Indigenous companies, individuals, and communities will be running through cultural diversity Festivals. To minimize the extent vehicles for economic improvement needs to do among the children and families of the Aborigines. Whenever the people were asked the worth of the festivals, the researcher received a similar response: to share, celebrate and majorly to maintain culture. The festivals are nothing but to sustain in the indigenous world. The act of understanding and defining the effect of the health and wellbeing will be followed by reaching and implementation it causes. Alike, definition of dominant can be analyzed by obser ving the health of people. Therefore social, cultural and historical variation will be producing a difference for remaining healthy, criteria of the real life and capable person (Slater 2010). Improvement in the medical science will be advantageous for all. All these points are based on the ideology of the western concept. While giving priority to social health upon individual health, the people are getting preoccupied in the environment they are living. Furthermore, it has been assumed that desire for shared understanding and primacy in specific health is taking precedence over good interest, spiritual or cultural. This is the only way defining as well as discriminating health with wellbeing. According to the researcher, it has been observed that person should not be known through monadic individual, but through the method of constituting the social relations. Thus, a relationship among people, affirmations, and ongoing reconstitution will be making life worth living. From the over all review of the article, it has been observed that health and wellbeing have been analyzed for acknowledging the strong sense for prerequisite in mental health. There are few opportunities for asserting the importance of cultural health and recognizing the vital element in the well-being of indigenous (Slater 2010). Part 3 According to Woods (1879), history does not mention the origin of the aboriginal people in Australia for over 50000 years. The land which was explained by Captain James Cook is referred to as terra nullius which belongs to Aboriginal peoples for an extended period. In the Australian history, the White View' is the exploration, settlement, expansion, growth, and federation, whereas the Black View' is among the resistance, diseases, destruction, invasion, and death. On the overall basis, by putting a close view on the Aboriginal Society particular ideas prevail, which are given as follows: For increasing interaction among the Aboriginal people and new colony, Governor Phillip had ordered for taking hostage to some of them and then bringing them to live in the settlement of Port Jackson. It was also believed that Aboriginal people should be brought close to the European culture, this will help in bringing the thinking of acceptance. It was further believed that indigenous populations were comparatively more educated than savages. Colebee and Bennelong were the great groups of an Indigenous group. Another concept of the Aboriginal society was that of their culture includes living in harmony with the land. Spiritual belief and customs were by the creating Dreamtime' and on the formation of land (Woods 1879). The aboriginal people viewed land in a spiritual way. Whereas, the European saw the property regarding money. The relationship Aboriginal was having with the ground was totally out of imagination for the white men. The new ideas related to the living of Aboriginal people, the Europeans brought a deadly disease. Before the arrival of the first fleet, there were some unknown diseases introduced by the settlers. The indigenous population did not have any natural immunity to fight with smallpox. It is impossible to know the position of the indigenous people of Australia before the settlers were coming to this island, but it is estimated to be among 3,00,000 to 1 million. In 1901, the number of Federation had decreased to 20000. Since then, some people recognized as Aboriginal was growing at an instant. Aboriginal community has increased its birth rate among the entire groups in Australia. The above effect had given rise to the tremendous change in the culture of Australia (Woods 1879). Aboriginal was the unique group who had brought many shifts in the context of culture and religion. Aboriginal Group's habit was an even different from other. Aboriginal are having a skill of making fire, just by rubbing two sticks together. These qualities have been gradually eliminated from the society due to globalization and advancement. Reference and Bibliography Anderson, K., Clow, B. and Haworth-Brockman, M., 2013. Carriers of water: Aboriginal womens experiences, relationships, and reflections.Journal of Cleaner Production,60, pp.11-17. Bessant, J.C., 2013. History and Australian indigenous child welfare policies.Policy Studies,34(3), pp.310-325. Broome, R., 2014. Doing Aboriginal history.Agora,49(2), p.40. 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